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Ownstream is a high frequency, censorship-free online community and resource hub designed to bring together, support and organize an awakened community in these dynamic and changing times, and assist in the positive transformation of our planet and society. 

We support a growing collective aligned in in the principles of freedom, resiliency, sovereignty, creativity, togetherness and love by offering community, courses, media, resources and new systems for a new world. 

This is a global space for: open and authentic discussion about the changes happening in the world; sharing resources to strengthen ourselves as individuals and a society; and building new systems together as we welcome the shift to a more loving and interconnected consciousness. 

Different from mainstream social media platforms, we celebrate free thinking and discussion, and do not censor, cabin or filter conversations. We do not do anything with your data, and never advertise. 

Ownstream expands the standard social media platform model to a higher level, where interactive calls, courses, and live discussions foster a co-creative, dynamic and evolving community space that seeks to meet our collective needs for growth, expression and expansion.

"I found Ownstream when the rest of the internet was going crazy. When the other major platforms began censoring and controlling the narrative to their liking.  Ownstream has been an oasis of like-minded folks having honest, engaging conversations about new ways of interacting in our rapidly changing world. Ownstream is my go-to media platform -- more than any other!"


Hi there! 

We're Theresa Sgobba and Stephen Shelley, the founders of Ownstream since 2016. We started with the Ownstream Podcast, which elevated the stories of people creating their own paths in the world, beyond the mainstream. Following the changes on our planet in 2020, we began conducting live video interviews and organizing group discussions and calls online, leading to the creation of the independent Ownstream Network social media platform in early 2021. 

In the Network, we have hundreds of members from around the world united in growing toward the creation of a new society together. We are very grateful for the participating members and leaders of our community that make Ownstream a vibrant, thriving and ever-growing network for our community in these times.

(Theresa, Stephen and Sofia, their 7 year old daughter)

"I so appreciate the community Theresa and Stephen have created through the Ownstream network. I have made so many rich friendships and partnerships through participation in the various offerings they provide! With the support of this community, I know I can keep going and take the next step ... and the next ... and the next, as I move across this rocky terrain of dreaming a new world into existence. I am not sure what path I would have taken without this support; but I do know it would have been much more challenging. I am indeed GRATEFUL!"  ~Maya Jones

A little taste

of some of the conversations we are having.


There has been a tremendous value in presenting Katie's Cafe through the Ownstream Network.
Participants carry a very high frequency energy. And because of this, our sessions together in real time are strengthening and heart-centred, and gratitude flows at all times. Because my topic is exploring sovereignty (something most of us have not been taught or aware of until recent times), the cafe space is potent and can be highly activating at times. This is the growth edge where we all thrive, and it's only possible to stay tightly knit because of the high frequency of the network itself. I truly enjoy the warm and personal flavour of consultation and planning behind the scenes, as I grow and develop my offerings. Overall I feel proud and inspired to be a part of such a fine community." ~Katie Weston, presenter Katie's Cafe & Sovereignty Course

What to Expect

  • ❤️ Membership in a freedom-oriented, censorship-free online global community aligned with expansion, resiliency, sovereignty, creativity, growth, love and togetherness in these times
  • 📚 Full library of courses, videos, groups and other resources in areas of interest to our community, including: Freedom, Sovereignty, Resiliency, Health and Healing, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Cryptocurrency, Technology and EMF Protection and more.
  • 💡 Multiple curated discussion groups, courses and live calls each week
  • 💎 Live interviews with members of our community and thought, heart, and resource leaders from our times
  • 🌎 Opportunity to present your work and offerings on the Ownstream platform to a global community
  • 🔧 Ongoing one-one administrative support in navigating the Network

(An inside view of our network)

How to Join

Ownstream membership is available by donation to everyone who resonates with our community, mission and values in these times. While we previously required a monthly membership fee to support our time and expenses in running the platform, we have reopened the Ownstream Network on a by-donation basis, to welcome all friends who resonate with joining us, and open the arms of our community. We want Ownstream to be an open, viable and welcoming online community for all of our community members in these times, and we hope that it is one that feels like an aligned and expansive space to meet and connect online.  

Offering the Network by donation means that we give our love, creative work and time freely, and open our arms to nature, community, and the universe in supporting us in offering and pouring our love and energy into this space, without expectation of a specific exchange or return. We freely give this offering to our community, and we open ourselves to receiving your support in the way it is meant to flow to us, without controlling or restricting the flow. There are so many amazing offerings happening in Ownstream every day and every week -- and we don't want anyone who would benefit or contribute to this flourishing community to miss out on them! We also don't want to control or restrict the flow of support to/from/or between us. We believe that the love, support, and energy of nature flows freely, and we do not need to control it.

We do invite your support and donations with open arms. We do pour our time, energy and love into the platform and events in a way that feels authentically called and inspired. To maintain a thriving Ownstream Network platform, we work daily and weekly curating events and courses, working with presenters, responding to community interests and needs, and managing the platform administratively and supporting members' tech needs. We also manage many subscriptions to keep the platform functioning and alive, including Mighty Networks, Zoom, and Brave Talk, among others.

Our suggested minimum contribution is $22/month to support the platform's basic needs and current level of offerings. However, we invite you to pay what you feel called, able and inspired, starting at $0/month. We also welcome those who are able and feel called to support our growth to contribute at a higher level, from $33 to $100/month.

We appreciate your support, and we are excited to participate and contribute with this approach to a new Earth economy, where we each offer what we feel naturally inspired to give, freely and energetically, and support one another and the positive transformation of society and our planet through this natural flow. In Ownstream, we are working together to build a new Earth, new systems of care, love and exchange, and a society that restores harmony with nature. We look forward to creating this new world with you, and are grateful for all of your contributions to it.

"I discovered Ownstream about 2 years ago. It's a virtual community of "like minded" folks. We typically all want a better, richer (not meaning financial), more meaningful life and to feel heard and cared for. We empower each other! Our leaders are all about listening to the community and responding with classes, guest speakers, many different groups, etc. Some offerings cost a modest price, but, no one gets left out! I have formed many close friendships with people all over the globe and have met several in person. Ownstream has greatly touched my heart!" ~Cecily Reading

Your Tribe Awaits

Learn from and with amazing humans like you

You'll meet people who know about growing food naturally, living a resilient lifestyle, navigating their sovereignty in these times, maximizing their health, and are building new systems together for a new world, including building new communities, creating new currencies for connection and exchange, and helping each other to navigate their roles as guardians of young people and of the planet. All are beings with the intention to build a new, healthy future together, aligned with interpersonal peace and harmony with the planet. We firmly believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connections, so we've created a safe space where we can ask and discuss the big questions and build new ways together.